Looking for unique Fairy tattoos Tattoos? fairy and butterflies
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Transcend Tattoo and Art Gallery - Branford, CT 06405

Tattoos by Artist:
Nick Baxter- Branford, CT
Lou Jacque- Branford, CT
George Carter- Branford, CT
Anthony Plaza- Branford, CT
Adrian Dominic- Branford, CT
Jeff Mansolf- Branford, CT

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Lou Jacque's Tattoos
Transcend Tattoo Gallery
Branford, CT
(203) 481-9372

Looking for unique Fairy tattoos Tattoos?  fairy and butterflies

this is a wok in progress.

Keywords: Color tattoos, Femine tattoos, Fantasy tattoos, New School tattoos, Fine Line tattoos, Flower tattoos, Butterfly tattoos, Fairy tattoos

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Travel Dates: Email Lou Jacque for more info.
4th Annual Hell City Tattoo Festival in Columbus
05/12/06 - 05/14/06
Hyatt Regency
Columbus, OH
Lou Jacque @ Off the Map Tattoo
06/30/06 - 07/01/06
Off the Map Tattoo
Easthampton, MA

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